Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Change MAC address of Ethernet adapter

Under Windows XP, the MAC address can be changed in the Ethernet adapter's Properties menu, in the Advanced tab, as "MAC Address", "Locally Administered Address", "Ethernet Address" or "Network Address". The exact name depends on the Ethernet driver used; not all drivers support changing the MAC address in this way.

 to check your MAC address easily on a Windows XP box, go to Run, type CMD, then type "ipconfig /all" without quotation in the command prompt. The number under physical address is the MAC address. If multiple IP are displayed, you should look under the label "Ethernet adapter x", where x is the name of your connection (which is Local Area Connection by default)


ලොකු ඡෝන් said...
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Silvester Norman said...

If you are using Windows XP then you can simply view mac address and can change it in few steps using the speed demon software.

Silvester Norman

Changing MAC Address

Charlie Electra said...

Never read about the speed demon what's that ? Do you suggest it to change mac address of computers?

Charlie Electra

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